Falls are a leading cause of serious injury, in some circumstances, death, and loss of independence among the aging population. Falling, however, is not a normal age-related change. Unsteadiness could be a result of an orthopedic injury, arthritis, following a stroke, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, or other unknown issues. Assessment by a physical therapist is key in identifying the origin of the true problem.

These are some factors leading to a fall...

Many illnesses or conditions can lead to decreased balance and gait difficulties that increase your risk of falling. Examples are older age, pain, weakness, arthritis, diabetes, Parkinsons, dizziness, inner ear problems, vision difficulties, dehydration, anemia, decreased foot sensation, fear of falling, medications, etc. BUT, even healthy people experience new challenges with aging that can increase the risk of falling. Call us today if you need treatment for dizziness, vertigo or other issues.

At Britt Zink Physical Therapy Services, our therapists are trained to assist in developing individualized treatment programs to address your balance and fall concerns.

Treatment may include: An Orthopedic and/or Vestibular exam, Gait and Balance testing, Strength testing, assistive device, and home safety recommendations, confidence building, Fall Prevention education, and home exercise programs.

Please give us a call if you would like to have your Fall Risk further evaluated and begin a program to improve your balance and overall function.

Benefits of Balance and Fall Prevention

  • Help prevent future falls
  • Help maintain independence
  • Restore functional balance
  • Determine origin of problem
  • Reduce the odds of sustaining fall-related injury

Britt Zink, MSPT, Cert. MDT

Britt Zink, MSPT, Cert. MDT

Owner & Founder Britt Zink Physical Therapy Services LLC

A Personal Message from Specialist Physical Therapist, Britt Zink.....

Hi, my name is Britt Zink and welcome to Britt Zink Physical Therapy Services LLC.
Are you so concerned about vertigo, your balance and fear of falling (or have concerns about a loved one whose balance has declined) that you have become more sedentary and don’t enjoy going on walks with your grandkids anymore?  Are you afraid that your balance is getting so bad you may lose your ability to take care of yourself? Are you afraid of mentioning your concerns with your loved ones?
In the next few minutes you are going to discover how you can DECREASE THE RISK OF FALLS FOR YOU AND THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE.

At this point, you think that a decline in balance is a normal part of aging.  You have become less active and no longer go on long summer evening walks or out to coffee with your friends. You are fearful of sharing your concerns with your loved ones as you fear your loss of independence.
We've put together a Free EBOOK showing you steps you can take TODAY to decrease your risk for falls. 
Inside you'll find…

  • Steps you can take to decrease your risk for falls
  • How you can get help with your balance and walking



Just enter your first name, your email address and click the “Yes! I Want The Free EBOOK button below and you'll instantly receive the Free EBOOK by email.
You'll receive  information that shows you how you can implement measures to decrease your risk for falls.
I personally have experienced what it is like to see a person you love lose their balance and fall….. and I’ve experienced what it is like for your loved one after they fall and the emotional and physical pain they and your family endures. Falls can be life-changing, heart-breaking and sometimes fatal.
I know so many people who have just accepted that falls and a decline in balance  is now a normal part of aging. This does NOT have to be you! My free EBOOK will explain why you should have hope that you can prevent falls.
Inside you’ll find steps you can take NOW To start reducing your risk for falls.
This EBOOK is perfect for you if…



  • You have fallen or are afraid you are at risk for falling
  • Are concerned about the decline in a loved one’s balance and walking
  • Feel your legs have gotten weaker
  • You aren’t leaving home much anymore because you are afraid you will fall
  • You rely on the support of furniture and shopping carts to balance.
  • Are afraid to tell your loved ones because you fear your loss of independence.

If Fear of Falling is worrying your or your loved ones, then you need to take a few minutes to read this EBOOK.
This ebook is NOT for you if you're not interested in taking  steps to improve your walking and balance.
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