Long Covid: For Some Patients, COVID Just Won't End.

We know there is a lot of variation in how COVID affects people. Some feel like they have a bit of a cold, some feel like they have the flu, and some end up in the hospital. No matter the symptoms, we tend to think that people get sick, they get...

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Recovery from COVID-19: For Critically Ill Patients, Leaving The ICU is Just the Beginning.

  The COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on intensive care units and critically ill patients. Most of the focus has been on survival, which is the first goal. Someone heading into an intensive care unit is very ill, possibly being kept...

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5 Reasons you need a Physical Therapist to Coordinate your Fitness Regimen

Physical therapists aren't just for people that are injured or have had surgery. Physical therapists can also help healthy people improve their fitness. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider seeing yours.   YOU WANT A BASELINE When...

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How to Avoid Injuries while Pursuing your New Year Resolutions: Your Physical Therapist Can Help You Keep Your Resolution

  As one year comes to a close and another begins, people begin to set goals and make resolutions. Losing weight, getting to the gym more often or getting into "better shape" are all common. These all require increasing your amount...

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When the weather gets cold, don’t forget to warm up!

  Colder weather means some changes to how we exercise. Of course it's harder to motivate yourself to get outside for a run or bike ride when the temperature drops, and the shorter days compress our schedules, but there are changes in your...

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