Water, Hydration and your Health: Are you Really Drinking enough Water?

Its early June in South Dakota and we are already experiencing extreme temperatures. IT IS HOT OUT THERE! This extreme heat demands we revisit a discussion on hydration and our health.  Life doesn't stop for leisure, work and recreational...

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Get Rid of your Pain for Good: Why you should see a McKenzie® MDT Therapist for your Pain

Take Control of your Back, Neck & Extremity Pain with the McKenzie Method® The of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (MDT) is comprehensive care that solves problems and avoids expensive procedures or addictive medicines. It provides the...

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Breast Cancer Recovery: Why am I Falling?

My sister is a brave and courageous breast cancer survivor. Her cancer journey has been long and hard, emotionally, mentally and physically draining. And once she had completed her initial treatment for cancer, she was optimistic that the road ahead...

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Recovering from Breast Cancer: Physical Therapy Is Key

When a person is first diagosed with breast cancer, the key focus of the patient and their care team is treating the cancer and preventing recurrence. During this phase, treatment may include surgical intervention, chemotherapy, radiation, plastic...

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When is it Safe to Return to Play After a Concussion?

If a healthcare provider specially-trained in concussion assessment removes you from activity for a suspected concussion, you will be taken through a sideline evaluation to determine if you have sustained a concussion.   If you have been...

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