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Optimal Recovery Postures for Runners and Athletes

There long has been discussion on the best posture for runners and athletes to assume when recovering from high-intensity exercise: Hands on Head (HH) or Hands on Knees (HK).   A recent  study conducted by Michaelson et al (1) studied the...

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You are what you eat: How Anti-inflammatory Foods help to Relieve Pain

Anti-Inflammatory Foods: How Nutrition affects the Pain Experience    Many patients seek help at our clinic to get relief from their pain.   At our clinic we discuss the pain experience with our patients.  There is, of...

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Water, Hydration and your Health: Are you Really Drinking enough Water?

Its early June in South Dakota and we are already experiencing extreme temperatures. IT IS HOT OUT THERE! This extreme heat demands we revisit a discussion on hydration and our health.  Life doesn't stop for leisure, work and recreational...

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