The Role of the Repex™ in the Treatment of Low Back Pain

Depending upon the underlying cause of their back pain, many patients are able to obtain pain relief performing a specifically prescribed exercise, the Pressup, for their back pain.

Sometimes people are limited in their ability to perform this exercise due to fatigue. They find that they are unable to continue to perform the exercise because their arms become too tired. This can be very frustrating for the patient who is getting pain relief from the exercise but cannot continue to perform the exercise because of fatigue. Some patients have shoulder, elbow or wrist problems that keep them from performing their back exercise. For these situations, the REPEX ™ can provide the patients with the movement they need to get rid of their back pain.

The Repex ™ machine is a machine developed by Robin McKenzie that provides continuous passive movement (CPM) to the low back without the patient having to exert himself or herself. CPM has been found to provide better-quality healing and more rapid recovery when applied to the back by a specially trained specialist in the spine. The Repex ™ machine is the first machine to provide CPM for lower back disorders. The Repex ™ can be very beneficial for people who attain relief with their prescribed back exercises, but the relief does not last when performed on their own. It may very well be that an increased number of continuous passive movements with the Repex ™ may be all that is required to give you lasting relief.

Treatment using the Repex ™ requires the expertise of a specialist. This treatment is only available by specialists that are certified in the McKenzie Method.

The good news is that at Britt Zink Physical Therapy Services, we utilize the Repex ™ in the care of our patients with low back pain.

If you are interested in leaning more about how the McKenzie method and the Repex ™ can help give you relief of your low back pain, call us today or fill out one of our forms below to learn how we can help you with your low back pain so you can return to the activities you love without medications, injections or surgery.

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