Get the Best Surgical Results with Post-Surgical Rehab at our Clinic

No one wants to have surgery. But when it’s necessary, we help you get the best results from your surgery

Thinking about having surgery? The thought of surgery can make you nervous, anxious and afraid.
You’re probably wondering about what your recovery will be like and how quickly you will recover.
Rehabilitation after Surgery will speed up your recovery

Rehabilitation after surgery will reduce risk of complications and promote healing
Rehabilitation after surgery will reduce your need for post-operative pain pills

We understand what it is like to have questions and concerns after surgery

Our team has personally experienced rehabilitation after undergoing orthopedic surgery
Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation provides pain relief after before surgery, reduces complications, promotes healing and improves your strength and range of motion after surgery
Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Reduces your Recovery Time and Improves your Surgical Outcome!
You don’t want your health to decline.
We have helped others that are in pain just like you.

You want personalized 1:1 attention after surgery rather than getting lost in a gym full of other people

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our amazing patients have said about us! These patients completed Post-surgical rehabilitation at our clinic and had amazing outcomes!

“After undergoing total knee replacement surgery, I immediately began physical therapy with Britt. For the next three months the care I received was second to none. She pushed me to achieve my goals ahead of schedule, but was attentive to aches and pain and altered exercises as needed. She went above and beyond, taking into consideration other unrelated heath issues that arose during therapy. She sent me home with a detailed at home workout, so I can continue my progression on my own. Her encouragement during therapy and willingness to reschedule my appointments when conflicts arose made working with her easy. Should any rehab needs arise in the future, I will only contact Britt, and I will let all of my friends and family know about my experience. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs any type of rehab or PT help. You will not be disappointed!”

Kristi, Total Knee Replacement Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

“I really appreciate the way Britt runs her practice. The great thing is there wasn’t a room full of strangers watching me struggle through the exercises and pain. I really appreciate this and felt it was the perfect place for my recovery. I felt comfortable and confident there. Britt is a very talented physical therapist. I plan to return soon to help with another issue and I know I’ll receive top notch therapy and will be in a much better physical position when we finish. I am so grateful that I had 3 wonderful people refer me to Britt ZInk Physical Therapy. Britt is truly amazing. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment. You’ll be so glad you did.”

Margaret, Total Knee Replacement


“Anyone looking for a Physical Therapist- call Britt. Britt is easy to work with, showed great care and knows what to do for your specific ailments. She showed me exercises for my knee replacement! The exercises helped me with the pain and motion!”

Ruth, Total Knee Replacement Surgery Rehab


Consult with your physical therapist to develop a plan to recover from surgery
Execute your plan after surgery with help from your PT
Experience outstanding surgical outcome


You had hoped to avoid surgery but now need help recovering from surgery
You don’t want your pain to get worse.
You want the best surgical outcome possible
You don’t want your health to decline.
You don’t want to risk further injury to your joints and muscles.
Stop missing out on life and start feeling better today!